Session Structure

Just some of the many issues that I can offer help with are Anxieties/Stress, Addictions, Weight Issues, Phobias, Allergies, Esteem Issues, Sleep, Loss, Trauma, Pain Management, Habits, Exam Nerves, Presentations and Confidence Issues, which can restrict you from been all that you can be, there are many more issues that I can offer help with, and I will be happy to talk with you about and how I can assist you, or answer any questions you might have if you contact me.

Results cannot be guaranteed as every individual is different; however, clients report finding the various techniques I employ, have had considerable success in helping them resolve these types of issues.

The sessions will be structured around taking a case history, asking relevant questions to discover the key points around the issues your seeking help with, we will explore to gain a fuller understanding of the structure and nature of your issue, getting to the core of the issue through initially a conversational approach, after this we will use one, or several appropriate techniques in assisting you in making the changes that you requested.

Some issues like phobias maybe resolved in one session, but generally I would recommended you plan to attend a minimum of three sessions, but this is entirely your choice, the second and third are intended to continue the progress from the previous session, explore any areas that might need clarifying, fine tuning, also discussing what changes you have discovered since your previous session, also seeing how much you feel that  the earlier session has achieved towards what you were intending to change.  You will be invited to make a follow up phone call to check the progress in between sessions, I would strongly advise this is taken up as it can be of huge benefit in making changes, or you could do this by email if this is more convenient.  It’s not magic but most people find it a magical experience.