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I am always happy to discuss ways that I can help or refer you to someone who might offer more appropriate assistance.

The number of sessions required will depend on the issue, and your own individual circumstances, with some issues only a single session maybe needed, usually I recommend that you plan for 3 sessions, and then reassess your success at this point to see if any additional work is required.

Payments can be made by Cash if you are seeing me in person, Bank transfer, or by Cheque, prior to your appointment date.

I have numerous approaches to help people develop new behaviours; all I ask is that it is you yourself that wants to stop and you are committed to doing this; also, it would be appreciated on the day of the session if you did not smoke before attending your appointment.

I use a blend of many differing techniques, styles and approaches, I have worked with clients that have tried hypnosis and other therapies unsuccessful in the past, helping them achieve their goals.

I can work with you as part of your birthing plan or help with other related issues.

Generally, Hypnosis on TV is formatted in a way to supposedly entertain audiences, what you would be experiencing with Clinical Hypnotherapy can be similar to a relaxed daydream like state, or feeling motivated, or an appropriate focused state that will support what you are wanting to achieve, with you in control, and I will be your guide as you allow yourself to do this.

Clinical Hypnosis allows you to get into an altered state which gives you the option of accepting helpful instructions in the unconscious areas of the mind, allowing you to bypass the usually more dominant conscious mind. We usually find ourselves in this type of state when daydreaming or engrossed in a good film or book, or enjoyable experience.

If you do have any further questions that you would like me to answer, please feel free to contact me for more information.

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