This is a general overview of the services availible:

IEMT - Integral Eye Movement Technique

This is a developing area of rapid change work that can resolve undesired feelings and imagery. Unlike other treatments using eye movements, IEMT's methodology is not random, instead it is led by skilful observations.

Disclosure of events are unnecessary in the use of IEMT therapy, IEMT includes a focus on our perceptions around our sense of identity, and physical responses during unwanted behaviours.  This allows you to become more present and moving past old restrictive issues. (Available online)

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EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques

EFT can also be referred to as Tapping or Energy Psychology, and it can excel in addressing physical and emotional issues. This involves gently self-percussive stimulation of several significant easy accessible points on the body, these points are associated with the theory behind the ancient Chinese meridian energy system, this is done while repeating back specific phrases, which are said by your practitioner, that you verbalise aloud, this allows you to connect with the issue you are wanting to change, to target the release of unresolved emotions, thoughts and beliefs, this easy and simple technique offers an opportunity to install new positive patterns in your life.

Some issues can show immediate improvement, but there may be deeper issues involved which will require time to resolve.  EFT can be used as a selfcare tool, and sometimes the skill of an experienced practitioner can be useful in the achievement of a more complete resolution of issues.  There are many research articles and studies openly available from the various EFT organisations and associations. (Available online)

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NLP - Neuro-Linguistic Programming

NLP explores the many ways that we work, by looking at how the brain uses information from our senses.  By making small adjustments to how we perceive this sensory picture, or by connecting with other powerful resources that we already have we can greatly improve the results that we get.  NLP is used to unpack the various levels of what people are doing when being successful, finding common factors that can be transferred, so that others can emulate greater success in what they want to achieve, these results are gained from learning how we go about doing activities, the way that we use language, the patterns that we run, the order in which we do these, and it also looks at where our attention is directed, focusing on the influence that we have in creating shifts within our own mind and body. (Available online)


Coaching is not therapy; it is a very practical approach to making change. It is future orientated and works by agreement on ways to make specific goal-based changes.

My role as your coach is to work with you so that you can shine in specific areas where you already have numerous abilities.  Coaching opens-up the possibility of realising someone's true potential, by offering new perspectives and focusing on achieving specific measurable goals.  Clients discover through this process that they are more powerful and resourceful than they could ever imagine.  Coaching is associated with great achievements in areas like sport, business, and other professions. (Available online)

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Clinical Hypnosis is based on the understanding that we have the ability to access a more appropriate way of responding in situations that may be challenging, and our body's ability to regain its balance.

The aim of this approach is to communicate with the unconscious mind, which is often open to helpful suggestions about how to achieve the desired changes wanted.  This allows the access of resourceful ways to modify troublesome behaviours by using the language patterns associated with Hypnotherapy.

Timeline Therapy®

This is a unique method for creating powerful change. Timeline Therapy┬« utilizes a person's own internal representation of time "Timeline" to work with the unconscious mind in providing resolution in a variety of ways, including, healing emotional traumas, and alleviating unwanted thoughts, emotions, and behaviours. You will be expected to be 100% committed to actively engaging with the instructions and to follow these meticulously.  (Available online)