The Reconsolidation of Traumatic Memories

RTM Protocol

Post Traumatic Stress can result from many different causes – road traffic accidents, assault, loss, conflict, combat, the witnessing of an event, childhood experiences, etc.

The RTM Protocol is achieving phenomenal results, during research trials that have taken place, this evidence-based approach has achieved success rates of between 90% and 96%, with clients no-longer measuring as having Post Traumatic Stress, or the associated symptoms on completion of the sessions.

The RTM Protocol is a non-retraumatising way of resolving Post Traumatic Stress; the RTM works by breaking the link between the event that has happened and the emotional response, which allows the memory to be processed in the same way that other memories are typically processed.

For a specific traumatic event the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress can be alleviated usually in as little as 3 to 4 sessions, each session can last up to 90-minutes.

Appointments can be arranged on consecutive days or weekly depending on your availability. You will be gently guided on every step that is involved on using the RTM, with each appointment the process becomes easier as you become more familiar with using the steps of the protocol.  You can do this in your own comfortable surroundings while we connect online using Zoom, or you can attend your appointments in person if you would prefer.

People report on completion of the RTM the lack of traumatic feelings and symptoms

Fees include

All RTM Protocol appointments.

Intake and assessment process
An introductory call and a Zoom technology and connection check

2-week and 3-month follow-ups after completion of the RTM

If you would like to know if the RTM would be suitable for you, call or message me and we can arrange a convenient time to cover what is involved, and I can answer any questions that you may have, before deciding if you want to proceed with registering your interest in attending RTM appointments.


What is RTM and its goals?